About DashBoost

When understanding the role of DashBoost in the Dash DAO it is important to understand the context in which it operates. For this reason we have undertaken a light mapping exercise of the Dash DAO ecosystem.

The following stakeholders have been considered for review as part this exercise;

  • The Dash DAO
  • MNOs (Masternode Operators)
  • The Dash Community
  • Dash Central
  • DashBoost

The Dash DAO

The Dash DAO is the world’s first decentralised autonomous organisation and represents a revolutionary milestone for the history of the human species. It operates in the absences of a centralised authority with Masternode operators acting as gatekeepers. With a very large budget available per superblock cycle, any individual from anywhere around the globe can request funds from the network by submitting a proposal with an anti-spam fee of 5 Dash.

MNOs (Masternode Operators)

Masternode Operators are the humans behind the servers that provide key services to the Dash Network including InstantSend & PrivateSend. To run a valid Masternode a Masternode Operator is required to have 1000 Dash collateral paired to their virtual private server.

As Masternodes are verifiably holding a large stake (1000 Dash) of Dash then they are entrusted as gatekeepers to the Dash DAO with each Masternode equating to 1 vote. As Masternodes are the literal definition of stakeholders they are incentivised to vote Yes on proposals that in their best judgement will benefit the DASH ecosystem. As a Masternode operators net worth is correlated to the value of Dash then they will always be incentivised to ensure that Dash DAO funds are dispensed appropriately. A beautiful symbiotic relationship that forms the basis for the Dash network protocols.

The Dash Community

The Dash Community represents the broader community base who are not MNO’s but hold Dash and still have a vested interest in its success. While the broader community base may not have any voting power their skills and contributions are of a significant value to the community, network and broader ecosystem.

Dash Central

Dash Central is a web interface located at https://dashcentral.org and interacts with the Dash Daemon, gobjects & Sentinel features. It’s role essentially is to facilitate simple human interaction with the DASH DAO. It is the de-facto, portal for accessing Dash DAO Treasury funds and provides the following functionalities to Dash users;

  • Masternode monitoring
  • Masternode management
  • Proposal generation
  • Proposal voting
  • Proposal vote hash generation/display
  • Superblock stats
  • Forum style discussions


DashBoost is a sub-treasury which will facilitate the submission of 'Mirco Proposals' to the Dash DAO ecosystem. The main differences between DashBoost and DashCentral is the proposal cycles are not ridged like the DAO's superblock cycle and voting is extended to the wider Dash community (not just MNOs). Each proposal cycle on DashBoost will be almost unique with the cycle administrator setting the Budget available, the Max Payout and the spam filter fee.

DashBoost will increase the amount of proposals submitted to the network, unlock innovation while also incentivising non-MNOs members to participate in assessing proposals which will decrease the current MNO workload.