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The Dash community has gained popularity in Colombia and Venezuela thanks to the various projects, which translates into: businesses, early adopters, transactions, investors, entrepreneurs and a very dynamic ecosystem. However, there is no knowledge or legal backing whatsoever. There are laws and a specific regulatory framework composed of guidelines and permits that must be followed to be in order. Example: according to laws in force in Venezuela, Official Gazette 41.575 does not have permission from SUNACRIP to operate with cryptocurrencies can be penalized with fine and jail, we want to prevent initiatives, projects and people that contribute value and usability to the community are sanctioned due to ignorance of the rules. For this, we create “Dash Legal: Research and explanation of the legal framework of cryptocurrencies in Colombia y Venezuela”. We will elaborate a thorough investigation of the legal framework for cryptocurrencies in Colombia and Venezuela that will make the MNOs make better decisions about the projects, clarify to the proposal owners what they can and cannot do and will serve so that everyone in the ecosystem carries out their activities without fearing a sanction. We will publish a video course (proximally 10 videos from 15 to 20 each) explaining the research in Handbook.es: An e-learning, private organization, of Venezuelan origin specialized in legal matters, with 2 years of experience, more than 7,000 students and certified by more than 10 professional and academic institutions.

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Our project consists in the creation of a website, which serves as support and impulse for the Dash miner in Latin America of Spanish speaking that is so important or necessary for the functioning of the Dash network, it is an interactive site in the which users can learn everything about Digital Mining, related algorithms, such as mining, electrical consulting, network consulting, software and equipment required to mine, frequently asked questions, solving problems, calculating their investment and profitability to start mining, obtain support, online through a chat.

Today, Venezuela is projected as one of the most profitable places for Dash mining due to the low electric cost, however the lack of knowledge on the subject has influenced the growth of this business edge in our country and Latin America, in @minersoporte we will manage a simple and practical language, which will allow both specialized people, the community in general, entrepreneurs and any interested to invest in digital mining, specifically in Dash, thus making the ecosystem and the network grow not only in Venezuela but in Latin America.

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