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One-time payment of: 25.00000000 DASH

December Update - Please read

Currently Dash is NOT listed on around 150 CoinMarketCap connected exchanges. Pursuing random listings will likely have little to no meaningful impact when trying to significantly increase daily trading volume.

This proposal both continues funding the tool and the resources needed to use that tool to pursue exchange listings.

The best way we can show you the benefit of this is to get you to look at the Average volume per Trading Pair which is Column E in the spreadsheet. This is the Overall Daily Volume of an exchange divided by the Number of all the Exchange's Trading-Pairs. This figure gives us a representative example for the volume Dash could achieve on that exchange.

If we filter to include just the exchanges that DONT currently list Dash and sort by Average Volume per Trading Pair then we can an opportunity to increase Dash Daily Trading by over $100million by just getting it listed on 10-20 more key exchanges - for context this is a 100% increase against current 24hr volume.

The Bottom Line

Getting Dash listed on more exchanges in a strategic way like this will open the gates for a huge influx of capital into Dash, whilst also increasing Dash distribution, liquidity, on-ramps, geographic coverage and much more.



This proposal follows our previous, successful proposal to bring to production a tool to make approaching exchanges more strategic and more aligned. The Dash Exchange Tool is now live and fully functional however the data is slightly out of date due to our API license expiring (this proposal will fix that).

Our team have tested it, as have several key members in the community. The goal of the tool is to make it easy to identify exchange opportunities (additional pairs, or a completely new listing for Dash) and to make it easy to identify loss in pairs, de-listing or serious decline in trading volume. By improving our market activity and market coverage we are accessible to more traders and new potential Dashers and have additional liquidity which provides benefits in lots of different areas.

The Problem

There are around 200 exchanges listed on the CoinMarketCap API, Dash is not listed on 123 of them. To put this into context, ETH has 400+ pairs listed on the CMC API, LTC has 400+, BCH has over 300... Dash has less than 200.

The Solution

Direct outreach to exchanges to pursue new listings and new pairs, focused on the highest value opportunities by using a tool that identifies these opportunities and tracks progress towards listing (for the business heads out their, you can think of it as a CRM, where the customer is an exchange!).

This will result in:
  • More Dash exchanges
  • More Dash pairs
  • Increased market volume
  • More fiat on-ramps
  • More crypto-dash on-ramps
  • Greater fee competition
  • Increased geographic coverage
  • Greater Dash liquidity

This Proposal

The CMC API access level we require costs $299/month. This proposal covers 1 month API licensing and 2 months of pursuing exchanges.

Thank you for looking and we appreciate your support.

Please note: Some of the data on the tool is now out of date due to our CMC license expiring, this proposal will resolve this.

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This initiative aims to jump-start Dash adoption by efficiently leveraging a global grassroots movement. Dash is the world's premier cryptocurrency for payments, and maintains distinct advantages over its competitors with ease of use, privacy, efficiency, security, stability, and many other metrics, including merchant adoption. However, Dash lags significantly in brand recognition, public visibility, business and service integration, market cap, and possibly in total holders/users. It also lacks the activist energy of other cryptocurrency communities, particularly during bull markets. In essence, it lacks the irrepressible activist fire that made Bitcoin great in years past. The Street Team aims to change this by mobilizing a grassroots adoption army equipped with the materials, tools, and messaging necessary to make Dash more used and recognized than any cryptocurrency in the world. This initiative is geared towards creating recurring, regular users and use cases, not simply one-off promotional efforts.

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Cryptocurrencies are not used frequently in Middle east. People only have small ideas about these type of currencies, but they have never thought about using it, even though people in this area would start for sure using it if they find somebody who show them the importance of using cryptocurrencies. This is even more true when we focus on people such as university students and people in the computer sciences world (professors , engineers , students…) In particular because they are the category of people they may use Cryptocurrencies.

Why are these kinds of people ones who may use Cryptocurrencies ?

(A) the people in this field are more familiar with the internet and have no fear of using their money in the Web.

(B) they would understand the use of it faster than normal people.

(C) statistically, Cryptocurrencies are used more by Freelancers and Programmers.

I have worked with DCG team member (@strophy) for many months As Arabic Translator , I have done website, mobile wallets, Dash Core, MyDashWallet and D-A-CH Embassy informational materials. And my last proposal was Translation Dash Docs Into Arabic it's was completed , you can check it out here.

I look forward to answering your questions and hope you vote for my proposal!

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Merchant adoption in the crypto space is currently low but by taking the lead now and offering easy implementable merchant adoption solutions, we (Dash Community) can prove that dash is the superior alternative to current fiat processes.

We are proposing to undertake the first Dash merchant adoption program in the Upper west region of Ghana. Our aims are to balance dash user-merchant ratio in Ghana through increasing the number of functional dash merchants, as well as encourage businesses to invest part of their portfolio into dash. Upper West region is one of the busy regions in Ghana, located in the north-western corner of Ghana and sharing borders with Burkina Faso (another country in west Africa).

However, from our research and the merchant records on https://www.discoverdash.com, there is currently zero number of businesses accepting Dash as a means of payment within the region, this slows down adoption.

Therefore, we want to achieve dash adoption by small, medium and large businesses in a massive way by taking Dash adoption in a dynamic, and educational way to potential businesses within the region. Providing appropriate information such as legal, financial, accounting, investment and tax advice for businesses to accept dash as a payment method in their operations.

Moreover, with regards to the current dash price, we will encourage potential investors (businesses) to invest some percentage of their income or portfolio into dash for future benefits. This will help to improve dash market price as well as attracts potential investors into dash.

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