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Proposed By: Wgollini
Funding Requested: 22.00000000
Category: Marketing
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Cycle Info: 11 Jan 2019 - 31 Jan 2019
Date Submitted 01 Feb 2019
Project Summary



To achieve a massive adoption of Dash in Venezuela, it is necessary to increase the volume of Dash in the hands of Venezuelans and encourage their use in merchants that adopted Dash as a form of payment.

As we know, the current situation in Venezuela has generated a great migration of people to many parts of the world. This is an opportunity to adopt Dash as the preferred cryptocurrency to make transfers to Venezuela, which it will increase the volume of Dash in the hands of Venezuelans.

It is important that people understand that a bank is not necessary to transfer money from one country to another. The Dash Maracay Team, together with our representative in Panama, will teach Venezuelan migrants, who live in that country, to remit money to their relatives in Maracay.

This is an integral proposal (for DashBoost) in order to teach how to buy, send, receive and use Dash as a payment method


We will hold 2 simultaneous meetings, one in Panama (with migrants from Maracay) and another in Maracay (with the relatives and friends of the migrants). These meetings will be held simultaneously and will be connected online. In this way the participants (migrants, relatives and friends) can interact with us to clarify their doubts.

The Dash Maracay Team will be in charge of the presentations; we will explain the topics of security and use of Dash. Our representative in Panama will be responsible for carrying out the logistics of identification, invitation and support to the Maracay migrants in Panama.


We will identify and invite 30 migrants from Maracay, in Panama, who wish to make transfers using Dash to their families in Maracay-Venezuela. These migrants should tell us the contact details of their relatives and close friends, to invite them to the meeting we will hold in Maracay. The idea is to receive a direct relative plus a close friend of each migrant. With this formula, the scope will multiply in an important way. In other words, with this strategy we will reach at least 90 people.

Once the meetings are over and the questions have been resolved, we will grant a $ 10 giveaway to each migrant in Panama. This money will be used only for a practical exercise, so that they can understand how to send money to their families. This will generate a lot of interest in the use of Dash as remittance, since by being online; they can see the effectiveness and speed of the transfers.

Family members can use this money to make purchases at the merchants registered in Discover Dash.

Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification

Venezuelan migration has increased significantly in recent years. Currently there are more than 3 million Venezuelan migrants, of which +125,000 live in Panama.

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We estimate that in the future it is possible to reach 10% of Venezuelan migrants in Panama (about 12 thousand people). If each migrant sends monthly $ 100, this would imply a volume of 1.2 million dollars per month.


Objectives (in business terms)

General objectives 

  • Use the Dash as remittances.
  • Increase the volume of Dash in the hands of Venezuelans
  • Encourage people to use Dash as a form of payment.

Specific objectives of the proposal

  • Training 30 Venezuelan migrants in Panama in the use of Dash: Download wallet, security topics, exchanges, ATMs, and instant send.
  • Training 30 family members and 30 close friends of migrants in Panama in the use of Dash: Download wallet, security topics, receiving money, exchanges, and where they can spend their Dash (Discover Dash).
Key Deliverables
  • 30 Venezuelan migrants in Panama trained in the use of Dash.
  • 30 relatives of Venezuelan migrants in Panama trained in the use of Dash
  • 30 friends of Venezuelan migrants in Panama trained in the use of Dash
  • 30 Effective transfers
  • We will promote the Discover Dash directory.
  • We will promote the use of Dash Text, for those people who do not have a smartphone.
Project Milestones and Schedule
Milestone: 04 to 10 February: Organization and Logistics.
Due Date - 10 Feb 2019
Milestone: 11 to 22 February: identification and invitation of 30 migrants from Maracay in Panama interested in sending remittances to their families.
Due Date - 22 Feb 2019
Milestone: 11 to 22 February: invitation of the relatives and friends of the migrants who live in Maracay.
Due Date - 22 Feb 2019
Milestone: Simultaneous conference with migrants, family and friends.​
Due Date - 23 Feb 2019
Success Criteria
  • 30 effective remittances.
  • 90 trained people that will serve as a multiplier effect to use Dash.
  • Gradual increase up to $1.2 Million per month in volume transactions.


Net Votes: + 46365
Project Manager:

Dash Marcay Representatives: José Da Silva and wgollini / Panama Representative: Héctor Gómez

Team Members:

Thania Peraza, Sandra Albarracín, Eduardo Fuenmayor, Jhonny González


Dash Maracay Team (Main event organizer, custody agent, quality control)

About us:
Activities done by Dash Maracay:

Dash Maracay Activities

Dash Maracay 2060 New Users and 4120 Transactions


Contact: Dash Maracay








Merchants: Increase the number of transactions in Dash

Dash: increase volume and number of transactions

Exchange: Increase the number of exchange operations

Discover Dash: increase number of merchants

Dash Text: for those that don’t have a smartphone

Migrants in Panama and Family and friends in Venezuela

Communication Strategy

We will post the progress on this project in our thread called:



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8 months ago

how do people buy dash in panama? Exchanges and/or ATMs?

8 months ago

Hello ageless, excellent question ..! In Panama the culture of cryptos is growing rapidly, there are currently several active exchanges and a ATMs network. On the day of the meeting we have thought about presenting some videos detailing how to buy Dash in existing exchanges in Panama and how to use ATMs. We will indicate the commission costs involved. Currently in Panama City there are 5 ATMs, see this link forlocation of each one: On the other hand, the most used platforms in Panama are: We will gladly answer any other question Thanks WGollini

8 months ago

thanks for the info. it looks expensive but you were the only one bothered to include a budget so voting yes

8 months ago

and didn't ask for the maximum

8 months ago

Thank you very much