Proposal Funded

Street Team Launch

Title: Street Team Launch
Proposed By: TheDesertLynx
Funding Requested: 25.00000000
Category: Marketing
Payment Address: XeApcsuchT7HrMoaue9ujWgNtPTb77g2uP
Vote Count: 26032 Yes / 16677 No / 0 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 10 Dec 2018 - 21 Dec 2018
Date Submitted 22 Dec 2018
Project Summary
This initiative aims to jump-start Dash adoption by efficiently leveraging a global grassroots movement. Dash is the world's premier cryptocurrency for payments, and maintains distinct advantages over its competitors with ease of use, privacy, efficiency, security, stability, and many other metrics, including merchant adoption. However, Dash lags significantly in brand recognition, public visibility, business and service integration, market cap, and possibly in total holders/users. It also lacks the activist energy of other cryptocurrency communities, particularly during bull markets. In essence, it lacks the irrepressible activist fire that made Bitcoin great in years past. The Street Team aims to change this by mobilizing a grassroots adoption army equipped with the materials, tools, and messaging necessary to make Dash more used and recognized than any cryptocurrency in the world. This initiative is geared towards creating recurring, regular users and use cases, not simply one-off promotional efforts.
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
The goal of the Street Team is to create all the resources and materials necessary to conduct successful outreach to onboard new users, locate and create willing activists around the world, and mobilize them to their greatest effectiveness. In order to accomplish this mission we will need to lay the necessary groundwork to make a fan attempting to get involved with spreading Dash adoption as easy and effective as possible. This will include the creation of simple but engaging online and printed materials and presentation/tabling resources, locating and connecting current activists and adoption teams around the world, and lining up physical travel and preliminary conference and event appearances for future months. Cost breakdown: Salary (2 limited part-time positions): ~10 Dash Video production including voiceover: ~8.7 Dash The remaining ~6.3 Dash will be applied to printout design, with the leftover balance either applied to covering travel expenses if applicable, or rolled over into the next month's budget. Future months are not expected to incur video production costs, with more available for travel and salary.
Objectives (in business terms)
The first objective of the Street Team is to provide all the resources and materials necessary for a would-be activist to effectively engage in outreach with the purpose of onboarding new recurring Dash users. The second objective of the Street Team is to locate and engage willing activists around the world, and connect them with opportunities to promote Dash and acquire new recurring users and merchants. The third objective of the Street Team is for key members to attend, speak at, and table/promote Dash at conferences and events around the world with the objectives of spreading awareness and recognition of Dash, acquiring new users, and locating and engaging new activists to replicate this success in their own communities. In short, the benefit to Dash is new recurring users and merchants, on a large grassroots scale, for an extremely low cost (approaching zero after initial startup costs of developing materials are completed), with a model that can easily be replicated by existing Dash projects.
Key Deliverables
1: Assess and codify all current outreach groups and recurring meetups, and establish communication lines between them. 2: Target conferences and other events for outreach and plan operations for the new year. 3: Create a series of materials and conduct preliminary groundwork for expanded operations next year (milestones described below).
Project Milestones and Schedule
Milestone: Create flexible "elevator pitch" video
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Milestone: Create general purpose landing page
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Milestone: Create "one-pager" informational printout
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Milestone: Create wallet setup card
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Milestone: Locate and record recurring Dash meetups and outreach teams
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Milestone: Plan preliminary travel for events in the new year
Due Date - 07 Jan 2019
Success Criteria
This is an ongoing project, and with the right success and favorable market conditions may be upgraded to a full proposal. The first month of the initiative will be considered a success upon completion of the stated milestones, which will have the effect of setting up all necessary materials, guides, and initial groundwork to launch several successful street team initiatives in the new year. At the completion of the first month, would-be activists should have all the materials they require to run a meetup, table at a conference, speak to a merchant, onboard a new user, or deliver a basic presentation effectively.
Net Votes: + 9355
Project Manager:

Joël Valenzuela (TheDesertLynx)

Team Members:

Allan Demarest (Flyinfree), Justin Szilard, Chris Webb (Kanuuker)

The entire Dash community, particularly those who are seeking to get involved in actively spreading Dash adoption around the world, as well as those interested in the positive effects of a wide grassroots campaign for the currency.
Major Known Risks
This initiative is designed so that the small, part-time, in-house team can have a significant impact on localized adoption when empowered by the right strategy and materials. It does, however, operate under the objective to both equip and mobilize volunteer Dash street teams around the world. If participation from the greater Dash community is lackluster, the benefit of this initiative will be limited to the first level. If strategy and materials prove to not be as effective as planned, we will go back to the drawing board, accepting feedback and assistance, and modify them until they are.
Communication Strategy
If Dash Watch sees this project within its scope, then they will receive regular reports. If not, expect major quarterly reports to be posted on Reddit, the Dash Forums, the Dash Talk Discord, and other major forums where requested. Smaller monthly updates will also be presented, and as activity grows, weekly and even daily updates may become visible on social media channels.


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6 months ago

This seems like a great effort. Team has a successful track record also. That's a yes from me :)

6 months ago

Thanks for the support, and thanks for what you do as well. We won't disappoint!

6 months ago


6 months ago

This is how Dash can win. If people are willing to travel and help inspire others stuff will get done. The network won't always see the small victories but they will add up.

6 months ago

Malicious whale fail!