Proposal Funded


Title: MyDashWalletMobileWallets
Proposed By: DeltaEngine
Funding Requested: 10.00000000
Category: Technical
Payment Address: Xnkx7xG1ae2ebdNAGaSvE7YBxENX9rHMGo
Vote Count: 6233 Yes / 46 No / 0 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 15 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018
Date Submitted 01 Sep 2018
Project Summary
This project is all about providing a simple and easy to use interface to via a native app on Android and iOS to directly allow users unlocking their wallet with a pin (very common on mobile) and receive funds, send funds, do PrivateSend, InstantSend, Tipping or Mixing all with one click or QR scan. An early preview is already available:
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
MyDashWallet is a very successful project that was funded twice by the Dash DAO with a high approval rate (93%): Due to the recent Dash depreciation like many others we were unlucky in getting enough funds this month to pay the bills and keep the lights on, but we have done so much work already, we really want to finish the remaining parts.
Objectives (in business terms)
This proposal will help finish the remaining parts on the mobile development of MyDashWallet, we still have about 2 weeks of work left and need a bit more time to test and finetune. The mobile wallet will be very useful for anyone wishing to use PrivateSend, but also provides a quick and easy interface to the Dash blockchain on Android and iOS with all the common wallet features (sending and receiving dash, importing and exporting wallets, getting a quick overview of past transactions, etc.)
Key Deliverables
All MyDashWallet features are supported on the native mobile app as well (PrivateSend, InstantSend, scanning QR code, mixing, tipping, importing, exporting, etc.) The MyDashWallet mobile app features: - importing from the browser or keystore - creating backups and letting the user choose where to store them (internal memory, sd card, cloud) - importing from private keys or QR codes - exporting private key (also with QR code) - Sending dash to addresses, emails, twitter, reddit or discord users - Receiving dash to your address or by showing your QR code - Using InstantSend to immediately get 6 confirmations - Use PrivateSend to mix your dash and make it impossible for the receive to find out where the funds are coming from and how much dash you still have - Quick overview about past transactions and more details in the dash blockchain explorer
Project Milestones and Schedule
Milestone: Mobile Wallet Android & iOS Beta
Due Date - 07 Sep 2018
Milestone: Mobile Wallet Android & iOS Final
Due Date - 14 Sep 2018
Success Criteria
Android and iOS MyDashWallet apps released in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore, both apps are available for free and we our support is ready to help users with ongoing requests. All MyDashWallet features are supported on the native mobile app as well (PrivateSend, InstantSend, scanning QR code, mixing, tipping, importing, exporting, etc.)
Net Votes: + 6187
Project Manager:

Benjamin Nitschke

Team Members:

Alexander Fengler

Users of MyDashWallet Mobile Users wanting PrivateSend and InstantSend
Major Known Risks
Creating Android and iOS Projects is a complex task due to changing APIs and required updates by the software manufacturers. Apple is also not known for fast approval and there might be issues getting the iOS App on the AppStore, but we are confident that we get through like so many times before (our team has developed plenty of iOS and Android Apps before).
Communication Strategy
We are constantly reporting our progress on the Dash Nation Discord Server, you can always contact me there via @DeltaEngine#4320, we also have nice reports on dashwatch on previous MyDashWallet work. For this proposal there will be weekly updates on the progress.


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10 months ago has a button saying: "Import private key" What is that? Do you want us to give you our Dash?

10 months ago

MyDashWallet is NOT a web wallet, it runs locally in your browser. You can use it offline. Import Private Key does the same as any other wallet, it imports the private key into your keystore and lets you access Dash e.g. from a paper wallet. More details are explained on the website:

10 months ago

Thanks for the answer. You got my 1 vote.

10 months ago

Thanks :) Glad to see we got so many votes already.

9 months ago

YES from me. Your website is the best Dash wallet. I encourage everyone to try it out. The site is so slick. We need this in mobile. I love that I can private send and instant send directly from my Ledger hardware wallet using your site. I love that you guys have the Dash pre-mixed so the private send is fast and doesn't take hours to mix. I love that I can private send through your site using You guys are are the best Dash wallet by far and so simple to use. WE NEED THIS IS MOBILE. THIS WILL BE THE BEST MOBILE WALLET.

9 months ago

Thanks for the compliments, very encouraging.

9 months ago

I agree, it is the best wallet for dash, the only detail that I have already mentioned is to have an easy multi-signature. Do you contemplate implementing multi-signature soon? Thank you for your proposal.

9 months ago

Yep, this proposal is to finish the Android/iOS wallet first, which we have redesigned now after testing on some newbie users at the local bitcoin meetup. Next steps are multisig, HD wallets and many cool new features still on our roadmap, but we will create a full proposal for that in September. Thanks for your feedback and nice words.

9 months ago

I also want to say that I love your guys tipping bot on discord. Also, I could be wrong but I think you guys were the wallet that was used for the network stress test where Dash pushed more transactions than Bitcoin has ever had. That is incredible!

9 months ago

Yes, that is correct, we are also currently planning the next stress test event with 5 million on chain transactions in 24h, more than all bitcoin and ethereum blockchains combined ever did in a day :)

9 months ago

this is a good project have to be the first

9 months ago

Dash Watch August 27th 2018 Report on MyDashWallet Continued Development by DeltaEngine

9 months ago

New Android Beta is out: iOS version will be submitted tomorrow to Apple if all goes well.

9 months ago

iOS and Android wallets have been submitted, we are still waiting for the last approval from Apple after some back and forth. The plan is also to simplify the app with all the learning and feedback from users and integration the new upcoming functionality directly in the app as well to easily chat on the blockchain, swap coins, tip, mix, send, receive and use Dash. More details and updates: