Proposal Funded

Spark Payments DEVELOPMENT 2

Title: Spark Payments DEVELOPMENT 2
Proposed By: Kodaxx
Funding Requested: 25.00000000
Category: Technical
Payment Address: XbbJVNLtGCtamTzRu1TLAbXwDSJqJ69rs7
Vote Count: 33541 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 05 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
Date Submitted 01 Dec 2018
Project Summary


Some of you may be familiar with my project, Spark Payments. For those of you that are not familiar, it is a Dash payment terminal that allows merchants to accept Dash payments denominated in their local currency, with fiat conversion through (or you can use xpub keys). After the passing of my last DashBoost proposal, Spark supports 167 currencies and 12 languages.

Spark was initially funded by the Dash Treasury, and after delivering on that proposal, we received 15 DASH from DashBoost - that makes 2 successful proposals under my belt, for a 100% success rate of product delivery.


This is a proposal to continue the development of Spark, which has no fee mechanism, no ads, and no cost to download.

A sort of "wish list" has been delivered to me by key players in this space. These people spend Dash in physical locations nearly every day, and have a pretty good idea of what features are needed next.

This list includes:

    1: Password protected settings page
    2: QR code scan option for inputting address or xpub key
    3: Modify branding to indicate Dash
    4: Basic invoice history page
    5: Tip function
    6: Bluetooth processing
    7: CoinText/DashText integration
    8: NFC plastic card wallet integration

Last proposal, I was able to knock out items 1, 2, and 7 as key release features. I was also to do a number of other improvements, including creating the DashRates API which gets both mobile wallets, Spark, and several other projects all using a unified exchange rate.

There is approx 20 hours rolling over from the last proposal - this proposal will add another 50 hours of devlopment work! A lot of though has been put into item 3 and I have decided to get a professional firm to help me with this.


Dash Force News

Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification

I have heard many great things about Spark - especially from teams like Dash Colombia, who set merchants up with Spark every day.

Spark is a user-friendly payment terminal that is already reliable, stable, and easy - but needs a few more features.

Objectives (in business terms)

The goal is to bring at least 2 new features to Spark, as well as modify it's branding to make things more clear to merchants/employees about Spark's association to Dash - to continue to develop Spark into a robust, merchant-first application.

Key Deliverables
This funding cycle is to fund 50 hours of development work towards Spark.
Success Criteria
When 50 development hours are clocked on Spark, this project will be complete.
Net Votes: + 33541
Project Manager:


Team Members:

  • Dash accepting merchants (including, but not limited to, those in Venezuela)
  • Dash spending customers
Major Known Risks
No major known risks, though there are some challenges implementing invoice history without a database.
Communication Strategy
I will be keeping track of time using "Tick" time tracker (or similar method) and will submit these time cards when the 50 hours of development time is met.


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10 months ago

Boss !

10 months ago

Thank you for the support!

10 months ago

Great proposal, we need more business ready applications, hope the ecosystem can also grow to cover most business needs.

10 months ago

I'm trying to build this one piece at a time! I think we're going to get there :)

10 months ago

Yes. Thank you for your hard work.

10 months ago

Thank YOU for believing in the project

10 months ago

we can make invoice in spark and can setup automatic conversion into usd ?

10 months ago

Invoices are something that I'm working on, and fiat conversion already works if you use!

10 months ago


10 months ago

Hi it's not mentioned here--what is the competitive advantage Spark has vs. Anypay?

10 months ago

and also vs. EletroPay?

10 months ago

Spark is Dash-only and is can be set up in less than a minute. AnyPay requires slightly more work and is multi-coin. We need both to ensure there is choice for merchants and for resilience, in case one project should fail, temporarily or permanently. EletroPay is not a viable product at this time, is more complex to configure and requires its own constant power supply whereas Spark works on any computer, be it laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.

10 months ago

thanks. Also info on Spark vs. Dash Merchant Qr/cr pos?

10 months ago

QR.CR is only available in selected locales/currencies, and the developer is not responsive, in my experience so I have been unable to test it. Looks like a solid project but hard to be sure.

10 months ago

We use Spark extensively here with our merchants in Colombia. Spark is in daily use at at least 20 different merchant locations right now. It is essential to what we do here in Colombia with merchants as it enables businesses to securely and painlessly accept Dash payments all the time, even when the owner is not present.

10 months ago

<strong>Bootstrapped, tight budgets, clear deliverables, history of delivering. Obvious yes!</strong>

Pedro Arias
10 months ago

Spark for Dash!!