Proposal Funded

Dash Exchange Tool STAGE 2

Title: Dash Exchange Tool STAGE 2
Proposed By: EWallet
Funding Requested: 25.00000000
Category: Technical
Payment Address: Xs7zUEWBt5FX6PSQMRt14VNR9SUK9WrWJQ
Vote Count: 29363 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 10 Dec 2018 - 21 Dec 2018
Date Submitted 22 Dec 2018
Project Summary

December Update - Please read

Currently Dash is NOT listed on around 150 CoinMarketCap connected exchanges. Pursuing random listings will likely have little to no meaningful impact when trying to significantly increase daily trading volume.

This proposal both continues funding the tool and the resources needed to use that tool to pursue exchange listings.

The best way we can show you the benefit of this is to get you to look at the Average volume per Trading Pair which is Column E in the spreadsheet. This is the Overall Daily Volume of an exchange divided by the Number of all the Exchange's Trading-Pairs. This figure gives us a representative example for the volume Dash could achieve on that exchange.

If we filter to include just the exchanges that DONT currently list Dash and sort by Average Volume per Trading Pair then we can an opportunity to increase Dash Daily Trading by over $100million by just getting it listed on 10-20 more key exchanges - for context this is a 100% increase against current 24hr volume.

The Bottom Line

Getting Dash listed on more exchanges in a strategic way like this will open the gates for a huge influx of capital into Dash, whilst also increasing Dash distribution, liquidity, on-ramps, geographic coverage and much more.



This proposal follows our previous, successful proposal to bring to production a tool to make approaching exchanges more strategic and more aligned. The Dash Exchange Tool is now live and fully functional however the data is slightly out of date due to our API license expiring (this proposal will fix that).

Our team have tested it, as have several key members in the community. The goal of the tool is to make it easy to identify exchange opportunities (additional pairs, or a completely new listing for Dash) and to make it easy to identify loss in pairs, de-listing or serious decline in trading volume. By improving our market activity and market coverage we are accessible to more traders and new potential Dashers and have additional liquidity which provides benefits in lots of different areas.

The Problem

There are around 200 exchanges listed on the CoinMarketCap API, Dash is not listed on 123 of them. To put this into context, ETH has 400+ pairs listed on the CMC API, LTC has 400+, BCH has over 300... Dash has less than 200.

The Solution

Direct outreach to exchanges to pursue new listings and new pairs, focused on the highest value opportunities by using a tool that identifies these opportunities and tracks progress towards listing (for the business heads out their, you can think of it as a CRM, where the customer is an exchange!).

This will result in:
  • More Dash exchanges
  • More Dash pairs
  • Increased market volume
  • More fiat on-ramps
  • More crypto-dash on-ramps
  • Greater fee competition
  • Increased geographic coverage
  • Greater Dash liquidity

This Proposal

The CMC API access level we require costs $299/month. This proposal covers 1 month API licensing and 2 months of pursuing exchanges.

Thank you for looking and we appreciate your support.

Please note: Some of the data on the tool is now out of date due to our CMC license expiring, this proposal will resolve this.
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
Please see above
Net Votes: + 29363
Project Manager:

Ash Francis - Product manager, also responsible for pursuing exchanges.

Team Members:

Alex Cox - product developer

  • Dash Exchanges - we'll be directly approaching exchanges as part of the project
  • Dash Trading Bots - more trading pairs means more arbitrage opportunities
  • Dash Traders - by increasing market activity we hope to increase volume and book depth
  • New Dash Investors - more routes to convert from crypto-dash and fiat-dash
  • Region locked potential Dash adopters - by approaching region specific exchanges we can reduce friction for Dash adoption in certain regions
  • Dash based platforms - increased market activity can result in increased competition and lower fees as well as greater liquidity which benefits POS systems and services like Alt36 / Anypay
Communication Strategy
Following the completion of this project a full write-up will be published publicly on Medium and shared with the community.

At this point the system will be offered to Core to become part of their Business Development remit should they want, alternatively it could operate as an extended function of Core via ourselves or operate separately.

Either way, we'll know how well this has worked and will provide a comprehensive update to the community and will go from there.


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10 months ago

Obvious yes - anyone who understands adoption will see what this can accomplish for Dash

10 months ago