Proposal Funded

eWallet Banking Support Funds

Title: eWallet Banking Support Funds
Proposed By: EWallet
Funding Requested: 25.00000000
Category: Technical
Payment Address: XftcQZEaHbv2fzucStEm9zHdekAxykaDSb
Vote Count: 27612 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 11 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019
Date Submitted 01 Mar 2019
Project Summary

This proposal requests supporting funds for the Dash Funded Exchange which has a working name of eWallet.

We're seeking additional funds for us to continuing pursuing banking partners which involves visiting the Isle of Man amongst other costs. The funds raised from this proposal will not cover our full costs but any additional costs will be covered by ourselves.

As with all our costs, we will be logging them in public on our public expenses ledger, visible here:
eWallet Public Expense Ledger

We will also report on costs and deliverables to both Dash Watch and Boost Insight as part of our on-going commitment to transparency.

Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification

eWallet briefly piloted in August before each of the three payment processors we had arrangements with then shut us down in turn. Due to a funding deficit of over £100,000 ($130,000) eWallet has been forced to make significant cuts but has still managed to create a full platform as demonstrated on the 3 amigos here: eWallet Demo

We have lined up a banking option but they have an over $9000 monthly fee. To this end, we're looking to pursue other banking providers and have several meetings lined up. Unfortunately, the crypto-winter has taken a significant strain on eWallet's finances which we have supported as much as we can from our personal finances, building up debt doing so. We are no longer in a position to pay for all these costs out of our pockets, which is why we are seeking your support through this boost proposal.

The scope of this proposal is simple; to partially fund our on-going banking pursuance with the hopes to launch eWallet as soon as possible and/or discover all the options available to us so we can present those before the DAO at a later stage.

Net Votes: + 27612
Project Manager:

Ash Francis

Team Members:

Alex Cox, Richard Francis


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7 months ago

hello it see i dont see others required field, you only filled two but have more than that and why you dont put this proposal on Dashcentral as you say that this proposal will partially fund your project, so you can ask you max on Dashcentral why you prefer here. Here is for micro proposal as i know.

7 months ago

Hi Carlomile2, the fields you mention aren't necessarily required or don't apply to this proposal (or we answered them in the main body) - what we're asking for isn't particularly complex. This proposal asks for a small amount to enable us to continue pursuing banking, the amount required doesn't justify a full Dash Central proposal and at the time of posting Dash Boost was significantly less saturated (lots of proposals have come in the last couple of days). Launching the Dash Exchange will have huge value for Dash and we're respecting the limited treasury funds as much as we can whilst we work to pursue that. I hope you can see the benefit that a Dash owned exchange platform would have for the network and the necessary steps we're taking to launch. I don't believe Dash Boost is only for one-off micro-proposals and using it to secure necessary supplementary funding falls well within its scope (Pasta has even suggested it would be fine for a proposal owner to post multiple proposals in Boost for the same project) Thank you for your questions, Ash

7 months ago

This team is hard working and delivers what they say. Voting YES.

7 months ago

I vote yes too, because I read xkcd's comment Two votes from me.