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Title: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLAN With DASH HUB KUMASI Themed Operation 200 Merchants
Funding Requested: 15.00000000
Category: Technical
Payment Address: XyusGDf6viiAM3GnWoGvMeDDrP1iY7cDu7
Vote Count: 22266 Yes / 17661 No / 5 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was not funded
Cycle Info: 15 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Date Submitted 22 Oct 2018
Project Summary
In a quest to continue growing Dash in Africa, Dash Hub KUMASI is focused on Merchants, Business Integration and Dash Liquidity (Buy-Back and Sell-off to create a complete ecosystem). A well defined Business Development Plan and Self Sustaining Strategy is needed to achieve this goal of Increasing Merchants and Businesses. In the Month of November 2018, We want to launch our Business Development Plan, Test the Market and Show Results for continued efforts of Dash growth in KUMASI. Current Situation Our Dash Merchants has begin to yield real-time Dash transactions. Expected Results 200+ New Dash Merchants, Vendors, Business, 2000+ Users At low cost, sustainable and progressive marketing with support, with a Business Development plan that leads to economic self-sufficiency for Dash KUMASI within 12 months. Budgeting Requesting 15Dash through Dash Boost for our Business Development Plan
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
A proposal that aims to achieve Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team by introducing Dash Hub products and services, Add value to existing and potential Merchants through Mainstream Media Splash and Adverts. Development of Cost effective Business/Vendor (Brick and Mortar)-centric strategy for Dash to scale accordingly in KUMASI (2nd city of Ghana) with an action plan of 4 Months and Report. The team has decided to scale up our marketing strategy by approaching Merchants and Businesses to grow steadily and improve upon Dash Usage record through Dash Buy Back Strategy and product introduction as value creation strategy.
Objectives (in business terms)
1. Merchant Focused Strategy The team will intensify marketing strategy in line with the approach adopted by Dash Venezuela and Dash Columbia to get more Businesses accepting Dash, through Dash Buy back strategy, Merchant Support and Training. Dash Hub KUMASI will institutes a low cost Merchant Centric strategy in order to on-board 200 Agents/Vendors, 200 Businesses/Merchants, 200 Online Shops Integration And 2000 New Users In Kumasi, Ghana and then scale up in February 2019 upon Achievement. 2. Business Development Plans Dash Hub KUMASI is a subsidiary company of Dash Hub Africa which currently operates in 8 Africa countries. As we plan to start business of Dash and expand its usage, acceptance and integration the team plan to create an enabling environment centered on Merchants/Agent Adoptions with sustainable growth at low fees by introducing Dash Hub Products and Services. 3. Media Splash and Adverts Public media (use of television and radio) has been a good innovation and an efficient means of advertising and marketing of businesses, products and services across the world today. Thus, the effects of public media promotion in business growth are inevitable in today’s world and have been the key factors that drive the positive trend of information growth. Our Media Outreach intends to expand the identity of Dash, draw the attention of Investors, merchants, users and media to the impressive work that Dash has carried out so far. 4. Development of Cost effective Vendors (Brick and Mortar)-centric strategy where we provide market for both Merchants and Agents spending Dash. The team plan to be self sustaining in the future and achieve Merchants without funds from DAO in the nearby future.
Key Deliverables
Dash Hub KUMASI expansion strategies are set to achieve 200 Agents/Vendors, 200 Businesses/Merchants, 200 Online Shops Integration And 2000 New Users In Kumasi, Ghana • Create Additional Value for existing and Potential Merchants by introducing Dash Hub Products and services. -Android Device to serve as POS -Accessories - Dash Buy back and Easy Liquidity - Support and Training • 10 Over the Counter Exchange for Dash Buy Back and Easy Liquidity for Merchants. • Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team progress for 12 Months (1 year). • Weekly Online Merchant Education and Training for progressive result in KUMASI • 8 Weeks Mainstream Media Splash (Radio Station and Live presenter Mention) for product Advert and Promotion in order to motivate our Merchants/Agents to continue accepting Dash • Integration of Dash on 30 Online Shopping Outlet and ensure prompt Delivery to Customers paying with Dash. • As Merchants number grows, Users Wallet Downloads grow accordingly by creating more people to spend Dash.
Project Milestones and Schedule
Milestone: Planning of Project
Due Date - 31 Oct 2018
Milestone: Feasibility Study and Data gathering
Due Date - 06 Nov 2018
Milestone: Business Pitch to Potential Merchant
Due Date - 15 Nov 2018
Milestone: Execution and Analysis
Due Date - 16 Nov 2018
Milestone: Launch of Business Development Plan
Due Date - 20 Nov 2018
Milestone: Intense Training and Support
Due Date - 30 Nov 2018
Success Criteria
Dash drives adoption in Africa, aims to make cryptocurrency payment an everyday concept. As Dash Hub Africa pave way for more usability of Dash in Africa with focus on becoming the leading payment system in the world.
Net Votes: + 4605
Project Manager:


Team Members:

DASH-HUB KUMASI (Team Members), DASH-HUB AFRICA Coordinator (Ultimatecrypto)

Entrepreneurs, Crypto-Enthusiasts, Developers, Investors interested in Innovation and also Fin Tech companies.
Major Known Risks
If we don't get funded-we can not execute our Business Development Plan. so Therefore we cannot launch in November as intended. Please Support our Initiative and Effort in making DASH progressive growth in Africa by Voting.
Communication Strategy
All recorded Videos and Images and official reports of this project will be sent to the DASH Boost community and other official DASH source. Updates will be posted om our DASH Forum trend (


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11 months ago

Dash Hub Africa is a project funded by the Dash DAo with coverage in 8 Africa countries. We have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa, and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, nuture new ones and not jeopardize Dash's speculator growth in Africa. Your support for this team initiative will go a long way to expand Dash in KUMASI (Ghana second biggest City) and the most Business center in Ghana. Best Regards! Abdullah Adeleke Dash Hub Africa Coordinator

10 months ago

Why is Kumasi,Ghana a great market for Dash adoption? Idea: add this very basic info to the proposal

10 months ago

Brief on KMA The Kumasi Metropolis is centrally located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Its unique central position makes it accessible from all corners of the country. It is the second largest city in the country and the administrative capital of Ashanti. It is a fast growing Metropolis with an estimated population of more than two million people and an annual growth rate of about 5.4%. The Metropolis is about 254 kilometers; its physical structure is basically circular with a central located commercial area. There are concentrations of economic activities in the city. The first and most important location is the Central Business District (CBD), which embraces the Kejetia Lorry Park, the Central Market and the Adum Shopping Centre. The other economics nodes include the Suame Magazine (Vehicle repair centre) the Kaase/Asokwa Industrial Area and the Anloga Wood Market. Most industries which deal in Timber processing, logging, Food processing and Soap making are concentrated at the Kaase/Asokwa Industrial Area. There is also number of satellite markets in the metropolis. These include Asafo Market, Bantama Market, Oforikrom Market and Atonsu Markets. It is estimated that 48%, 46% and 60% of the Metropolis are urban, peri-urban and rural respectively, confirming the fast rate of urbanization. More facts on why Dash KUMASI

10 months ago

Kindly take your time and Watch-Africa first Dash payment Video. Your support is needed to make us continue this progress of Dash usability and Mechants Acceptance

10 months ago

Budgeting and Expected Expenses Business Pitch on Media 2.50Dash Round Table Discussion 1.45Dash 10days Market Outreach 4.25Dash Data Entry and Analysis 0.35Dash Market Test and Feasibility Checks 2.50Dash Reporting Video coverage and editing 0.50Dash Launch and Market Test 1.70Dash Contingency 0.75Dash Proposal fee refund 1.00Dash At the 1 Dash at $156 16/10/2018 Justifications This project aim at increasing Daily usage of Dash in the second largest city in Ghana focused on Merchant services and integration. The team is monitored and supervised by Ultimatecrypto as his involvement is notable in Africa progress of Dash. Best Regards!

10 months ago

Why this is categorized as "Technical" ?

10 months ago

Business Development is a technical issue that need Expertises and Analysis not only Marketing or Community Outreach

10 months ago

idea: focusing on merchants could be not what the consumer demand is. That consumer demand is not to spend Dash--since they want to save it, and spend their higher-inflation money (ghana cedi). So idea: to focus on a savings campaign

10 months ago

Without creating Usability, It will be hard for someone to Save... In the process of getting more Merchants, We will train them on how to accept and benefit of saving Dash over Ghanaian Cedis