Proposal Funded

Advertising Campaign with Billboards up and Electronic HD screens in Merida city Venezuela

Title: Advertising Campaign with Billboards up and Electronic HD screens in Merida city Venezuela
Proposed By: RedProductiva
Funding Requested: 25.00000000
Category: Marketing
Payment Address: XbBTiJDZfQEUyMz4b4EWUEmDmNv1GbzSf9
Vote Count: 29672 Yes / 0 No / 1001 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 05 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
Date Submitted 01 Dec 2018
Project Summary
Redproductiva community Dash- Mérida Venezuela ally of Dash Venezuela This new proposal for DashBoost is to carry out the advertising campaign of the DASH brand so that all the Merchants and the general public learn to use Dash as an Exchange. The main idea is to place advertisements throughout the city and carry out events where we take to practice the exchanges. The estimate for this proposal will be 25 dash The campaign has the following impulse: 1.- Billboards up 2.- Ads by Radio 3.- Video in HD screens in Principal AV of city and Malls 4.- Events Redproductiva follows in the footsteps of its main counterpart Dash Venezuela, carrying out the promotion of Dash through advertising spots around the city of Mérida. The idea of this is to create merchants and users all at the same time that the use of DASH is generated in a more practical way with the purchase action Dash with BsS. Merchants will have information about Dash Wallet Apps, online POS, DashText available for receiving payments generated by users.
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
An easy way to acquire DASH is provided to the user, with the help of billboards located in several areas of the city, there will also be electronic screens transmitting 5 different videos on the subject Dash. Both the user and the merchant will have the support through a web page that will be created to provide the necessary information. Goals (in business terms) Here we are working 5 different points: 1. Increase the operations of Change, FIAT to DASH. 2. Increase business and merchants that accept DASH 3. Conduct educational events for entrepreneurs and the general public. 4. All existing tools to facilitate Exchange: Dash Wallet (Android, IOS) Dash Text, Qr.CR, etc. 5. Create new technology alliances. Dash Forum: Discord: EdwarV#6109 [email protected] Instagram: @redproductiva1 twitter: @redproductiva1
Objectives (in business terms)
In the city of Merida there are only 4 businesses using DASH, in the campaign of the month of December, We want to reach new businesses_ 1.- 60 new businesses and Merchant_ 2.- New uses Exchange Bs.S to DASH 3.-New alliances with Crypto Exchange 4.-National expansion in first quarter of 2019 6.-Integration of other communities to the Project 7.- Create Web site
Key Deliverables
We would be presenting video and photos to enhance the event for 1 month.
Success Criteria
The statistics obtained will be published clearly and precisely on the productive network page, thus providing transparency of the results obtained. This will serve as a study for expansion for other cities taking into account the revision of the strategies followed and the new ones to follow.
Net Votes: + 29672
Project Manager:

Edwar Vidarte

Team Members:

Edwar Vidarte, Jose Arenas, Verandrys Hernandez


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10 months ago

Do you plan to contact any merchants directly or are just relying in publicity to somehow boost Dash use in Merida?

10 months ago

Yes, The plan is to make direct contact with the merchant, work that I have been doing since Redproductiva is in the City of Merida. I participate in the Tourism Merida Workshop reporting on the topic DASH Digital Cash, On Dec 8th, I have another event where a group of important Traders of the area is being invited, Today I was in a local Radio station making an invitation to the event.