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Honouring Invitation and DASH Sponsorship at the GHANA BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE October 2018

Title: Honouring Invitation and DASH Sponsorship at the GHANA BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE October 2018
Proposed By: Ultimatecrypto
Funding Requested: 12.50000000
Category: Communtiy
Payment Address: XtKzBf6FFDq8hsdaS9H9QCiqW3ZimzFmcn
Vote Count: 9238 Yes / 1039 No / 1001 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was not funded
Cycle Info: 10 Sep 2018 - 28 Sep 2018
Date Submitted 17 Sep 2018
Project Summary
Ghana’s Blockchain Conference October, 2018, themed “Blockchain Technology For Development” will be taking place in Accra. The Blockchain Conference is aimed at creating awareness and network with peers, Industry players, creating a good policy environment for Blockchain technology to flourish, knowing the policy issues and meeting stakeholders to share best practices and more especially presenting DASH to everyone present. The conference will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology. This includes; manufacturing, retail, financial services, legal, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and many more. It will be preceded by a two-day Blockchain Training Workshop with resource persons from global as well as the local community. Ghana Blockchain Conference is a golden opportunity presented to DASH through Dash Hub Africa (A project funded by Dash DAO) to explain our projects and merchants strategies to Industry players and Investors targeting over 1000 Newbies and Merchants in Africa. In order to speed up DASH adoption nationwide.
Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification
The advent of Blockchain/Crypto Currencies has undoubtedly changed the paradigm of business transactions worldwide and Ghana is no exception as a number of Ghanaians are signing on to different Blockchain platforms. For the past several months digital currency and blockchain has gradually gained acceptance in Ghana. It has reached the time where it is opportune for another conference for those who are familiar and working with the technology to come and share their knowledge and work on the Blockchain crypto currency.
Objectives (in business terms) Blockchain Ghana Conference will provide a unique opportunity for DASH to showcase our vision for this aspiration as well as open multiple business opportunities. Specifically, sponsoring Ghana Blockchain Conference will provide DASH with an excellent opportunity to; • Position DASH brand, Showcase and promote your business , products & services • Build DASH Hub Africa network and generate new leads. • Help further the impact and reach of Blockchain Technology in Ghana • Build and reinforce strategic relationships with key players, Stakeholders & the Blockchain community. • Access a broad network of leaders and decision-makers • Intellectually influence industry peers
Key Deliverables
DASH ON Gold Sponsor Content & Lead Generation Benefits • Recognition by Blockchain Conference Convener at the opening ceremony • Delivery of a 5 minutes speech (in line with event theme) by CEO during the opening session • 2 delegate passes • One free exhibition Table • One Summit Pack insert (supplied by the Sponsor) • DASH Website link on all marketing materials Branding Benefits • DASH logo will be displayed at the Conference as Gold Sponsor • Top tier placement of logo on all Ghana Blockchain Conference communication and marketing collateral including banners, program and brochures • 2 banners in plenary hall • DASH logo on Ghana Blockchain Conference website • Acknowledgement on Ghana Blockchain Conference mailing lists and Social Media platform
Project Milestones and Schedule
Due Date - 23 Oct 2018
Due Date - 24 Oct 2018
Due Date - 25 Oct 2018
Milestone: Networking And Marketing
Due Date - 25 Oct 2018
Success Criteria
1. To onboard Industry players and businesses into DASH merchant directory 2. Every New wallet downloads will be tipped 10 Ghana Cedis worth of DASH as startup. 3. Exhibition stand will be used for networking and marketing of DASH All recorded Videos and Images and official reports of this project (Ghana Blockchain Conference October 2018) will be sent to the DASH community and other official DASH source. Furthermore, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will be used to broadcast live videos and do all necessary updates on this great project happening to enable it be viewed worldwide.
Net Votes: + 8199
Project Manager:

ABDULLAH ADELEKE (Ultimatecrypto)

Team Members:

DASH HUB AFRICA (Ghana Team; Crypto-Prenuer, Business Expert)

Ghana Blockchain community, Industry players, Business Experts, Bankers, Government (policy makers), Legal practitioners, Investors and technology leaders.
Major Known Risks
If we don't get funded-we can not honour Invitation to speak about DASH at the Ghana Blockchain Conference. Ghana stand to have the largest DASH community base in Africa, This Conference aimed at showcase our products and services to Industry players and Investors. Please Support our Initiative and Effort in making DASH progressive growth in Africa by Voting.
Communication Strategy
All recorded Videos and Images and official reports of this project (Ghana Blockchain Conference October 2018) will be sent to the DASH Boost community and other official DASH source. ADELEKE ABDULLAH DASH HUB AFRICA Cordinator [email protected] +233 24141 6245


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1 year ago

Key Notes. 1. Dash Hub Africa has been invited to speak at this Blockchain conference with a consideration letter to sponsor and partner with the organizers. Hence, We selected GOLD Sponsorship following the great benefits the network will derive from this 3days event. 2. Kindly Download the Sponsorship prospectus, View page 5-Gold Sponsorship. Its worth 10,000Ghana Cedes (10.7 Dash) 3. Exhibition stand at the event for Dash booth 1,500Ghana Cedes (1.3Dash) with a Proposal refund of 1 Dash. 4. Grand Total is 12.5Dash, Please Note: Events Items, Transport, Accommodation and Dash Give-out is not including (Dash Hub Africa will support with 10Dash from our ongoing funded proposal on Dash Central) to make this successful. 5. Finally the anticipating achievements for this project is great. We don't want to lose any stone unturned in this sector... Dash leading every other Blockchain Project is vital into we winning the market. Your Vote is the key

11 months ago

Aren't you supposed to promote Dash in Benin on those dates for your DC proposal DASH-PANAFRICANEXPANSION?

11 months ago

Hi EricFietskop, Did you read our proposal on DashCentral, Am not supposed to be in Benin Republic...Dash Hub Africa has team in over 8Africans countries including Ghana...So this Invitation has nothing to do with our ongoing Project on DC. Best Regards! Abdullah Adeleke Ultimatecrypto